Integrated Web Applications

Onsite Packaging Desgin

Fulfillment America has electronically integrated its operations with over 100 clients spanning numerous unique requirements. Third party integration is one of our core competencies and we can work with all communication channels and technologies used by our customers, such as EDI, XML, ftp, API and http technology.

We extend our web applications to our customers at low cost with rapid development of client-specific rules. Our web applications can be optimized for mobile devices providing the traveling salesman with real-time access to his inventory. We offer unlimited access level control so the marketing manager can setup customized user groups and visibility levels for their staff. Our detailed reporting can be easily modified with multi-scheduling and formatting possibilities suitable for senior management reporting. Customers have access to email order confirmations.

Our integrated web applications form the heart of our fulfillment services and deliver a variety of benefits to our clients in the area of operations, sales, IT, customer service and management.

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