Six Sigma Fulfillment Company Initiatives

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Below are some key points of the successful Six Sigma implementation in place at Fulfillment America.

  • Standard shipping processes are implemented and reviewed with each customer at the customer's discretion.
  • Clearly defined data points are used to measure shipping volumes, turnaround times and accuracy.
  • In the event of ship errors, standard corrective action procedures are automatically launched to determine root cause and implement change as needed.
  • Ten (10) percent of Fulfillment America personnel are Green Belt Six Sigma certified. This group includes all department managers, process leads and its two (2) dedicated quality department personnel.
  • There are currently two (2) senior leaders at Fulfillment America who are Black Belt Six Sigma certified.
  • All Fulfillment America employees are aware of the company's commitment to quality and encouraged to support Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Our dedicated quality department reviews all operational processes twice annually and revises them as needed per standard processes.
  • A documented disaster recovery procedure is in place to quickly restore data and resume shipments in the event of partial or full system failure.
  • We perform daily backups of all key data required to operate the business.
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