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Retail Product Fulfillment

Fulfillment America has provided product fulfillment services for numerous retail partners over the past 20 years. Our key to success in this area has been our flexibility to accommodate diverse customer requirements and integrate with multiple data exchanges and system platforms.

Retail Product Fulfillment Efficiencies

When a customer selects Fulfillment America to manage their retail product logistics, they demand superior inventory management and a high level of pick-pack-and-ship efficiencies. In order to accomplish this, it is critical for the fulfillment process to be highly efficient from the outset.

Our ability to receive and import detailed Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs) across multiple communication channels (EDI, XML, ftp, etc.) provides the necessary groundwork to accurately import data and scan products into inventory. This is the best possible input for inventory accuracy and operational efficiency.

Custom Requirements

Retail product fulfillment can involve significant international receiving and custom activities such as unloading dead loaded trucks from China and putting that inventory on pallets grouped by similar sku's before bin location assignment.

Many of our customers require fulfillment support for trade show collateral and displays, we often perform small run catalog printing for quick turnaround and variable data printing.

Routing Guides

We support specialized routing guides for many of our retail fulfillment customers. Routing guides provide specific requirements from the retailer to whom the material is being shipped.

This may take the form of special trucking configurations, data exchange requirements, or shipping needs. An example of a routing guide could be: 2 counts of item X per box labeled with a specific barcode, the packing slip of that shipment must detail the SKUs inside each box, and assign boxes to pallets and pallets to trucks.

The routing guide may also specify packaging weight and size dimensions, and shipping requirements for shipments to retail stores, distribution centers (DCs) or a combination of the two.

Fulfillment America has extensive experience handling routing guides. Our account-specific Customer Service Reps (CSR's) are automatically alerted when an order affected by a specialized routing guide is placed.

The CSR will ensure that the correct routing guide is pulled and that the operations team follows the procedures outlined in that guide. With this level of dedicated monitoring, Fulfillment America can provide its customers a minimum charge back guarantee.

State-of-the-art Production Facilities

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