fulfillment services

Promotional Product Fulfillment

Fulfillment America supports promotional product fulfillment initiatives for many of its Fortune 1000 customers. These initiatives are usually brand-building operations and involve inventory management and distribution of corporate promotional marketing materials.

Website Functionality

Promotional product fulfillment requires comprehensive website functionality with a shopping cart feature for partnering with brand marketers or salespeople ordering promotional materials for trade shows or corporate events.

As these promotional materials may be highly valued, Fulfillment America guarantees full product inspection upon receipt and secure product storage with constant video monitoring of these materials.

Employee Recognition Program

  • Another popular initiative is the employee recognition program in which an employee receives award points from his/her employer – often in association with a specific marketing campaign or sales initiative. That employee will login to a website developed and designed by Fulfillment America to redeem points for corporate branded products and special awards. Our track record supporting such programs is outstanding.

State-of-the-art Production Facilities

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