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Literature Fulfillment

Literature fulfillment has been the backbone of Fulfillment America's operational success throughout the company's 20 year history. Years ago, literature fulfillment involved huge pallets of marketing materials being received, stored and then shipped; but this segment has come a long way. Today, literature fulfillment is increasingly handled via e-commerce solutions and web-to-print applications as the model shifts from the massive pallets of paper of the past. Below are some of our key offerings in the area of literature fulfillment.

arrowTrue Web-to-Print Technology

arrowForecasting and Planning for Literature Needs

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Fulfillment America offers robust business intelligence reporting to help our customers manage their sales collateral purchasing. Reports of budgeted versus against actual usage can be run at the district, region, or individual sales representative level. Other real-time reports provide details about sales cycles, trends and seasonality, and inventory levels for a specific account or marketing program. Many of our customers also take advantage of our system's ability to trigger alerts when minimum stock levels are reached to control order quantities and allocate stock to specific user groups.

Our literature fulfillment services follow standard company processes for quality control, inventory management, and dedicated customer service.

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