E-Commerce Fulfillment

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Our e-commerce software applications are deployed on the Internet to allow a single real-time view for its customers to their business. This view can be customized depending on the customer's role, while also allowing simple 'drag and drop' query building for individual custom reporting.

    With our many years of experience, we are able to provide the best available technologies for turnkey web applications. Below is a short list of offerings:

  • Shopping cart functionality: we can increase your sales by simplifying the shopping experience for your customers and providing them with functionalities such as "save for later," etc.
  • In-house design and hosting: you will have full control of your website without depending upon an outside contractor.
  • Alert notification on low stock: allows you to maintain specific inventory levels required for your business. It will not only save the cost of overstocks, but also enables you to better forecast for future sales.
  • Customer e-mail order confirmations.
  • Ad-hoc reporting: drag & drop ad hoc query building.
  • Real-time credit card authorizations.
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