Benefits of Print on Demand

The benefits of POD to our customer are intricately linked to the services we provide to them, as listed below:


  • Transportation costs to send printed material into FAI > eliminated
  • Warehousing costs to store printed material in inventory > greatly reduced
  • Inventory destruction costs needed to scrap outdated/excess inventory > greatly reduced
  • Flexibility to update marketing materials on a regular basis at no additional cost > enabled with POD
  • Fast turnaround times for print production > offered with POD
  • Custom/Variable data printing > offered with POD
  • Small volume / specialty print job capability that can be easily integrated into existing fulfillment services for a customer > enabled with POD

We offer these benefits not only to add another dimension to our services for our customers but also to bring them efficiencies and savings in their existing services provided by FAI.

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