Digital Asset Management

Fulfillment America hosts secure dedicated servers to provide superior customer data storage capacity. We provide customer file management with versioning control and online proofing capabilities. Customer data files are often exchanged via FTP although we support a numerous data exchange methodologies with our customers.

    There are many advantages when converting your marketing material to digital print format, such as:

  • An updated or revised file can be printed without incurring new plate costs!
  • Save time! Most of our print runs are complete within 24 hours of ordering!
  • Each order can be unique and/or personalized!
  • Proven effectiveness of personalized direct marketing:
    • 36 % higher response rate
    • 54 % lower cost per response
    • 93 % increase in sales
    • Source: Hewlet Packard

We can help significantly lower your print costs by utilizing our Digital Print capabilities.

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