Our Green Policy

Fulfillment America has implemented Six Sigma practices to standardize its operational processes and improve the quality of its process outputs.

The Green Business Bureau (GBB) has certified Fulfillment America, Inc. as an environmentally responsible business. Fulfillment America has reached the Green Platinum tier by adopting principles and practices that demonstrate a superior commitment to conserving the environment.

The GBB is proud to recognize Fulfillment America's contribution to making the environment a healthier place for their customers, employees, and community.

Our employees are committed to the environment and have taken steps to reduce waste in the office. The Green Team has established a paper and cardboard recycling program that has been very effective at reducing substantial amounts of paper product waste. Additional ways in which FAI employees have continued to reduce waste is by bringing in their own non-disposable coffee cups and drinking containers.

By teaming up with MassRecycle's Recycling for Donations Program we have donated old cell phones, digital cameras, Ipods, Palm Pilots, etc. to be recycled and used by people in need. Fulfillment America has completed 46 initiatives, a few of which are listed below:

  • Purchase paper towels and toilet paper made from 35-100% post-consumer recycled materials.
  • Properly dispose of batteries, paint and chemicals, light bulbs, and electronics.
  • Own/Lease business space in a LEED certified building.
  • Expand your recycling program to also include: glass, plastic, and aluminum.
  • Purchase trash bins and liners made from 35-100% post-consumer recycled materials.
  • Upgrade from older T12 tube lights with magnetic ballasts to more efficient T8 or T5 fluorescent lamp tubes with solid-state electronic ballasts.
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